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The Ten Buck Scratchy

Strategy, concept development, collateral design and production.


The need  

Christmas brings with it an incredible amount of advertising clutter, particularly in the retail environment. We were asked to develop and implement a Christmas campaign for nine Colliers managed centres that engaged both the retailer and the customer – and provided the customer incentives to spend money at any of the participating retailers via the opportunity to win prizes.


The response

Creative and media planning for the affectionately known ’10 Buck Scratchy’ campaign was developed in conjunction with key Colliers staff and rolled out via local press and in-store across nine Colliers managed shopping centres. The proposition behind the campaign was that for every purchase over ten bucks, the customer would receive a ’10 Buck Scratchy’ to reveal prizes at stores within the centre where the purchase was made.

“The collective approach to buying media and creative development was a key strategy in generating great economies of scale, with these benefits used to the advantage of all centres involved within this portfolio campaign. The promotional concept provided the framework for retailers to reward their shoppers instantly – so it was a hit with both retailers and shoppers.” Joanna Hanf, Marketing Manager Colliers International – Retail


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