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House is on the House

Strategy,  concept development, advertising and collateral design and production, media planning and placement.


The need

In 2011, all builders were struggling to sell houses. Early in the year, Ross North Homes asked us to come up with something that was really going to stimulate sales. Essentially it came down to either substantially increasing media spend, or developing an idea that would really make a difference to  enquiries and sales.


The response

Ross North had always been a market leader and so we wanted to do something truly unique and very compelling in order to gain the attention of the market and a positive response from them.

After much legal and logistical wrangling, we, working with the client, came up with a way to ‘give away a home’ and ‘The House is on the House’ promotion was created. Promoted via press, TV, radio and online, the prize was actually $200,000 cash with anyone signing up to build in a six month period qualifying to be in the running.

Given the sales figures at that time, it gave those who qualified a BIG chance of winning and wiping off all or most of their house mortgage in one quick hit. As one participant in a focus group said ‘It’s a life changer’!

The levels of enquiry increased steadily, followed by sales that exceeded expectations and Ross North Homes led the way into the recovery phase of the housing market.

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