We are proud to have a team who can provide you with everything you could need from an agency (well, within reason of course). Not only does this make for a tight-knit process, it also affords us the luxury of absolute creative control. Lost in translation? Not likely.

Strategy February 17, 2015

The importance of strategy cannot be over-emphasised. Nor can whiteboards, according to Warren. Without a solid foundation, your house will surely fall over no matter how pretty it looks! Understanding the fundamentals of the client offering is the first crucial step in determining what will work, and how. A thorough knowledge of marketing strategies – and of course a whiteboard – are essential in formulating the most effective solution.

Concepts February 17, 2015

Our Art Director Ben is a bit of a scruff, bless him, and talks in a funny Geordie accent, but he has some pretty fantastic ideas. Sometimes. From TV storyboards, radio scripts, campaign concepts, or just a great headline, he’s got it covered. We just wish he’d cover his funny little face.

Design February 17, 2015

Design follows, and in turn enhances the strategic and conceptual. Design illustrates, affirms and cements the underlying message. It can say so much in its subtleties – the elegance of crafted typography, the considered art direction of a photo shoot, a carefully selected colour palette, or an artfully composed layout. When good design meets good strategy, great things happen!

Styling February 17, 2015

A recent addition to our growing list of services, is styling. Have a million-dollar apartment you need transformed for a marketing campaign? Ta-da! Perhaps you have products to photograph, and are looking for an innovative concept? Or maybe you need a studio or location photo shoot art directed and styled? We’ll transform the ordinary into extraordinary. With passion and great enthusiam!

Digital February 17, 2015

Our Digital Specialist, Prashant, will turn your ideas into fantastic reality. TV commercial? Website? EDM? Animated banners? Easy! And should he come across something new (which, in this rapidly-evolving field, is quite likely), he’s onto it before we even know how to spell it. Site-centric measurement, anyone?

Service February 17, 2015

Underlying all our offerings, is great service. We pride ourselves on delivering a great product with integrity, respect, attention-to-detail and genuine efficiency. But those qualities should just be the standard fare for clients who entrust us with their brand and business. What we think sets us apart is the added dash of humour and the splash of humility. No egos, no pretentions – just valuable input, good insights and a feel-good experience.

But wait, there’s more! February 17, 2015

We just couldn’t have this page without a glimpse of each of us! Meet Chris. Adding to both design and strategy, he also has the very important role of managing every single job in the studio. It’s a good job he’s on the ball. And calm. Very calm.

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