Erin Lovell

Senior Creative

What I do at Creative

Eat all the Minties, and try my best to be creative.


The best thing about my job

Every day is different and I get to do what I love with a bunch of great people who are passionate and also love what they do, it all makes for a pretty good vibe.


Career highlight

This keeps changing, but I think overall just being lucky enough to have such varied experiences and working in other cities and countries has been very rewarding.


Favourite ad of all time

This also keeps changing, recently I’m loving Apple Musics Taylor vs. Treadmill ad

I’m not sure what I love more the overall ad concept or just the epic ending!


I barrack for

Good food, especially breakfast.


Dream holiday destination

Maldives, Bora Bora, any of those travel mag pics you see with crystal clear water, sun and snorkelling.


To relax I like to

Beach, gym, run, sunshine or sometimes there’s nothing better than a night in with pizza, beer and trash tv.

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