Giles Tovey

Director & Outdoor Guy (we sometimes like to lock him out)

What I do at Creative

As one of the owners, my job is to help create an environment that our team and our clients thrive in. As Director of Account Service it’s to ensure we have happy clients who understand and appreciate our offer.


The best thing about my job

The glamour… ok, so really it’s the fact that in general, I really like what I do.


Career highlight

Going from employee to employer. Scary as heck but it can be incredibly rewarding.


Favourite ad of all time

The Think Small ad and the series of Volkswagen ads that followed in the 60s by Doyle Dane Bernbach. It was revolutionary stuff in a time in America when everything was BIG and fuel was cheap.


I barrack for

The underdog (and West Coast of course).


Dream holiday destination

Mogumber – no, really.


To relax I like to

Dig holes in the paddock and cut up stuff with the chainsaw, surrounded by my wife and kids and animals.

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