Helen Shearwood

Art Director & Stylist

What I do at Creative

I try to make things look good while getting the appropriate message across. Quite fun really. Especially when it works.


The best thing about my job

The team.


Career highlight

The opportunity to style and furnish the display apartment at Batavia Marina Geraldton proved one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences of my career to date. With a tight budget and timeframe, furniture-shopping-madness, logistical challenges and (thankfully) a more-than-steady supply of caffeine, the result made it all worth it! The excitement of seeing furniture assembled, wall art hung, beautiful pieces being unpacked, plants potted and finding a place for everything was an absolute delight. Upon completion, the racing-around-town, lack of sleep, seemingly impossible task of cramming all the last-minute-finds into three suitcases (including several bottles of San Pel that I hadn’t been able to source in Geraldton!) was forgotten, and what remained was something I am incredibly proud of. The photography and videography was stunning, and it was a pleasure to create the brochure and see the entire campaign come together. You can view the video or brochure here.


Favourite ad of all time

John Lewis’ 2013 Christmas advert The Bear & The Hare – a delightful story of Bear and his faithful friend Hare. The behind-the-scenes video is also a must-see – the unique combination of traditional hand-drawn animation and a model set created to scale creates a magical world full of texture and emotion. Just wonderful. 


I barrack for

Scandinavian design – form and function at its best.


Dream holiday destination

Stockholm (favourite city so far) or New York (high on my must-see list).


To relax I like to

Watch movies in my PJs. For (slightly) more active recreation I can be found browsing clothes, shoes, bags, textiles – anything designer-y really. My favourite place at the moment is MANY – a beautifully curated creative space showcasing local artists of many disciplines. Described as ‘a quintessentially Fremantle experience’, it really is an inspiring and engaging place to be. And they have coffee. And cake. What more could you want?

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