Lorna Erasmus

Production Manager

What I do at Creative:

I’m the link between the suits and the studio, keeping the work flowing smoothly and on time. I also work with suppliers, to manage the cost side of things and ensure that work gets delivered on time.


The best thing about my job

I love getting things done and I’m at my happiest when things run like clockwork. Also, working with a great bunch of people who all think alike and enjoy a good laugh.


Career highlight:

There have been a few. I would have to say the turning point was being pushed kicking and screaming into Production and loving it. It’s brought me to where I am today and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Favourite ad of all time

There are many. We used to go to the cinema and watch the Cannes Lions award winners every year and I could never pick a favourite. I would have to say the ones that are stuck in my head are all car TV commercials, the top three being from the ’90’s. One was a Mercedes Benz advert crashing off Chapman’s Peak Drive in Cape Town. BMW came back about a month later on the same stretch of road, showing off its road handling, with the punchline being “a luxury sedan that beats the bends”. The last one was Golf GTI driving through fields of corn so fast that it all turned to popcorn.


I barrack for

Coffee in the morning and sundowners on the beach. We even take our coffee machine on holiday with us!


Dream holiday destination

A road trip through Europe.


To relax I like to

Go for a run or cycle, walk on the beach, veg on the couch watching a movie, BBQ with friends and family.

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