Mike Sequeira

Creative Director

What I do at Creative

I’m responsible for making sure that everything that leaves the creative
department is as good as it can as it can be.


The best thing about my job

I’m lucky to be part of a fantastic department. Individually they are all awesome at what they do and collectively they seamlessly complement each other.


Career highlight

Being made Creative Director of a small-problem solving company, that is fiercely independent, punches way above its weight, uses the juxtaposition of strategy and creativity – and just so happens to be based in Floreat. is my career highlight so far


Favourite ad of all time

I’m a fan of all the ads created from the 50s onwards for Volkswagen by Dave Bernbach.
I thought this ad called ‘Funeral’ was particularly clever – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THxdJSTiZtE


I barrack for

Mr Obama and his philosophy on simplification and reduction. He only wears two colours of suits, grey or blue, saving him the decision of what to wear each morning and freeing his mind for more important decisions


Dream holiday destination

I’ve been lucky to have visited most of my to do list.
However Beunos Aries has, as yet escaped me.


To relax I like to

Run for long distances with ‘Radiolab’ on the ipod.


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