Prashant Umakanthan

Digital Producer & Kombucha Enthusiast

What I do at Creative

All things digital, mainly focusing on web design/development, digital imagery and some programming.


The best thing about my job

New problems to solve on a daily basis. Keeps it fresh.


Career highlight

I did some editing and special effects for a movie which aired in cinema and I have two published Gameboy Advance titles under my belt. Great feeling to see your name in the credits.


Favourite ad of all time

Citroen CV4 UK (the dancing robot).


I barrack for

Meritocracy, Fair Play and The Australian Cricket Team.


Dream holiday destination

Would like to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza some day and possibly join an amateur archaeological dig. Or play a round of golf at Pebble Beach.


To relax I like to

Spend time with my family, watch long drawn out test matches/sci-fi movies (with whiskey and nuts) or head out for the occasional fishing trip. Or play a round of golf anywhere.


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