Marty Shearwood

Director & aeroPlane Geek

Having a brand that truly reflects who we are is what I am proud of the most.

What does our rebrand mean to me?

The realisation of a vision.

Everyone in the agency knows how much I appreciate a good looking object. Whether it’s beautifully crafted print, photography, illustrations or digital, there is so much to like about a piece of work that’s been carefully considered and designed with the end-user in mind.

But it’s much more than just aesthetics. In my opinion, the best brands combine both form and function. Whilst we’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes to make sure that the functional part of our business is where it needs to be, we’re just as excited to now launch our new ‘form’. Having a brand that truly reflects who we are, what we are capable of, and our potential is what I am proud of the most.

For me, it really is the realisation of a vision I’ve had for many years. To see this vision shared by those closest around me has been incredibly fulfilling.

What I do at Creative

I am responsible for the overall smooth running and operational side of the agency including creative, finance, admin and everything in between!

The best thing about my job

The flexibility to work in different facets of the business but mostly the satisfaction of seeing our team develop great solutions for our clients.

Career highlight

Being given the opportunity to manage a large retail client at the age of 20 that gave me the best possible grounding into the industry. It showed me that anything was possible in spite of ridiculously tight deadlines and rapidly moving goal posts - it’s amazing what pizza, late nights and the camaraderie of a great group of people can achieve!

Favourite ad of all time

I would have to say the original Apple Think Different ad. It’s as effective today as it was 20-odd years ago when it was first produced.

I barrack for

The Dockers and Monocle magazine.

Dream holiday destination

Tuscany, Italy.

To relax I like to

Escape on holiday to somewhere from Mr and Mrs Smith.